Custom Training Board packages available,

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Box Stall: 12×12, matted, thick bedding. Cleaned 2x day.

Grain: Premium Quality Grain, min of 2x per day.

Hay: Grass and Legume hay available.

Turn-Out: Large/small grass fields. Private & semi-private.

H2O Buckets: (2) Cleaned daily

Feed Tub: (1) Cleaned as needed

Ring: 90×200, NEW footing, lights, jumps.

Wash Stall: Large, lights, matted and inside barn.

Tack Room: Beautiful, comfy, secure for your tack & a trunk.

Feed Room: Separate feed room that horses can’t access.

Bathroom: Indoors, clean and always better than a port-a-potty!

Office: Convenient to discuss goals & training.

Fly Spray: Auto system in all stalls. Applied before turnout.

Hose/Brush: Each horse, as needed as time allows.

Boots: On for turnout, taken off when in.

Blanketing: Blankets swapped & adjusted according to temp

Vet/Farrier: Appt’s. sched. & attended, horses caught & held.

$650.00 per month

All boarders must be in a training program.


Extra Services:

  • Blanket cleaning and repair
  • Laundry
  • Tack cleaning
  • Tack-up service
  • Daily grooming
  • Clipping


Will be billed directly from service provider or added to monthly board bill.